Daniel 3 - Episode 4

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The Mark of the Beast. Nobody wants it, but do you know what to look for?

Matthew 24, Part 2 - Episode 3

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Some people call it, "The All of it Discourse." Others consider it,"The Reader's Digest Condensed Version of Daniel and Revelation." Today you just might call it, "Spectacular!"

Revelation 3 - Episode 15

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Today the church is so completely fragmented that it has more flavors than Baskin Robbins and more options than DIRECTV or Comcast. It's easy to point to the problems, but today we focus on the solution.

Revelation 6 - Episode 8

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Horsemen bringing famine, disease, and pestilence. It is so disturbing, yet we find it in the the Holy Bible. Why are the horsemen so disturbing, and is there a possibility that they correlate to the seven seals?

"Israel in Prophecy" - Episode 19

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Did the nation of Israel set a countdown clock in motion? You will be amazed by the answer.

Matthew 24, Part 1 - Episode 2

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Nobody foresaw the earthquakes, floods, or tsunamis that have ravaged our world...or did they? Join Shawn Boonstra as he discusses the prophecies found in Matthew 24.

Timothy and Prophecy - Episode 18

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A news story from Asia is a great example of the exact trajectory of the human race. Today, we discuss what the Bible says about the issue.