04 The First Church Leaders

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What is the purpose of church structure?

Parental and Religious Influence

Real Family Talk / 308 VIEWS

Is college life always synonymous with partying, drinking and sex? Willie and Elaine Oliver, along with Alina Baltazar discuss how family relationships influence behavior, both in religious life and in the likelihood of high risk behaviors, among college-age young adults.

Daniel 7 - Episode 9

Disclosure / 307 VIEWS

With every violent act that we hear about it seems that our safety further unravels before us. What if these events were not only known beforehand, but that a plan was in place to correct them? Host, Shawn Boonstra, unpacks the events of Daniel 7.

Daniel 6 - Episode 17

Disclosure / 307 VIEWS

Daniel is thrown to the lions, and God saves Daniel. It's that simple...or is it?

03 Two Eras – One Message

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The Old Testament God vs. the New Testament God.

06 The Two Covenants

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Experience true liberty even as you keep the law.

07 Old vs. New

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Same content. Different experience.

02 Naked

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You can't discuss sexuality without talking about nakedness.

Thanksgiving a Season of Gratitude

Let's Pray / 304 VIEWS

This is our final installment of the 23rd Psalm. And this, combined with music, scripture, as well as a look back at the many thanks due from our callers- this episode is sure to be a spirit packed program!