Episode for January 5, 2022

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How can I overcome anxiety? How do we pay tithe before taxes? Why does the Bible seem to ignore most of the world? Who is the King of Righteousness in Hebrews 7:1-4?

Episode for January 12, 2022

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How can some discern the will, voice of God? Did Satan tempt Jesus or try to tempt him? How old will we be when resurrected? Equality in the Godhead? Explain Matthew 7:12.

Episode for January 19, 2022

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Why God hasn't answered prayers for healing, justice. Visualize when praying? Will Jesus reject me if I continue to sin? Dead asleep in grave or with God? Who is 'the LORD your God'?

Episode for January 26, 2022

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Will God answer all my questions? Happy in heaven without lost loved ones? Unhappy so abusive? Explain James 5:19-20, Galatians 6:1-4. 2nd coming: All dead or righteous dead raised?

Episode for February 2, 2022

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Can the Bible help depression? Does forgiving mean communicating? Is it God telling me to do something strange? Will mentally ill be saved? "A long life and salvation"--explain Psalm 91:16.

Episode for February 9, 2022

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Church dress codes in the Bible? Does the breath of life always go back to God regardless of cause of death? Why did Rachel steal her father's idols? Meaning of oracle in Bible. Explain Micah 4:5.

Episode for February 16, 2022

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Bible encouragement for full-time caregiver? Communion important for salvation? Explain Ephesians 3:15. Suffer consequences of sin after forgiven? Jesus' return-when righteous in heaven or on earth?

Episode for February 23, 2022

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Other worlds mentioned in the Bible? Is everything in the Bible permissible? Significance of blue cloth? Explain Genesis 3:16.

Episode for March 2, 2022

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Should all the Bible be read literally? Salvation for aborted child? Dealing with cynicism in Christlike way. Difference between first and second death?