Episode for June 8, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / June 08, 2022

Knowing God's will. Why, when Lucifer created? Why no miracle healings today like in gospels, Acts? Do I die only when God calls me home? What about suicide? Why did Jesus die for unrepentant?

Episode for June 1, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / June 01, 2022

How can I get closer to God, experience true revival? Why am I still single if it's not good for man to be alone? Is manipulation bad? Different degrees of punishment for little/big sins?

Episode for May 18, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / May 18, 2022

Why does God allow sickness? How to serve God? How is Satan still alive after 6000 years? Can we heal the sick, raise the dead? Is the great tribulation for unbelievers after rapture?

Episode for May 11, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / May 04, 2022

Saved by death if headed for destruction? Why are children from multiple wives celebrated? Eve in heaven? Why some books aren't in Bible canon. Does Isaiah 66 say we'll keep new moons in heaven? Jesus came due to Abraham's obedience?

Episode for April 27, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / April 27, 2022

Spirituality in isolation? Struggling with masturbation. Does Micah 4:6 address those with mental illness? Will we sin till Jesus returns to take us to heaven?

Episode for April 13, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / April 13, 2022

Did Jesus resurrect Himself? After Jesus ascended to heaven, what happened to the sins he bore? Was God forgiving before Christ came to earth? In Ps 22 is Jesus talking about His death?

Episode for March 30, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / March 30, 2022

Finding peace amidst health struggles? I believe I'm called to be a minister, must I go to seminary, declare my calling before my local church? Do our forefathers sins pass to us?

Episode for March 23, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / March 23, 2022

Why don't I feel better after I pray? Are deathbed conversions legitimate? Why does God "send a strong delusion" (2 Thess 2:11)? Explain Ephesians 3:15, 2 Timothy 1:9.

Episode for March 16, 2022

Bible HelpDesk / March 17, 2022

Disillusioned with God in the face of suffering? If I come out as gay, will I go to hell? Why is there a physical sanctuary in heaven and what is going on there?