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It can be difficult to have the power to say “No!” For enablers, it’s twice as hard. Well-meaning family members and friends can often stunt the recovery progress of the addict.

Lifestyle & Thinking

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If we want to think smarter, we need more than a good education and correcting distortions. We need to live smarter! Discover how nutrition, physical activity, and brain inputs such as movies, music, and social media impacts your health.

Understanding Psychotherapy

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Psychotherapy is often used instead of medication in dealing with mental health issues. It doesn't need a "black-box" warning. It doesn't cause side effects, like weight gain, nausea, sexual dysfunction or sleep disturbance. Discover how to use it!

Coming to Jesus

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Don’t let your success hinder you from coming to Jesus. Be transformed! Christ wants bless you beyond your greatest hopes and dreams.

Lesson 7 - The Keys to Family Unity

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Sunday May 12 - Sabbath May 18

Lesson 2 - The Origin and Nature of the Bible

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Sunday April 5 - Sabbath April 11

Preventive Foot Health - SS

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Lung Cancer

Go Healthy For Good! / 45 LIKES

How to prevent lung cancer?

Why Opposites Attract

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We're just so different! Join Willie and Elaine as they share the secrets to how couples who describe themselves as opposites can maintain a healthy marriage relationship.