Antioch | Episode 15

Cross Connection / 1200 VIEWS

It was Antioch where the believers were first called Christians. On this episode, we learn what the word Christian means along with rethinking the concept of church

The Case of the Unknown God | Episode 9

Cross Connection / 1148 VIEWS

The Others: Part I | Episode 12

Cross Connection / 1110 VIEWS

We often ostracize and look down on those who don't look or talk like us, even if they share our beliefs. How does Peter's view of the Gentiles parallel the way we see certain groups of people?

The Fellowship of the Community | Episode 3

Cross Connection / 1050 VIEWS

As the new community grew in Acts 2, their mindset and lifestyle changed. Oleg and Sergio discuss how a community filled with the Holy Spirit should live.

Prophets and Teachers | Episode 17

Cross Connection / 1040 VIEWS

At this moment in the Early Church, the Holy Spirit selects Saul and Barnabas for mission work. This begins a series of Spirit-filled adventures for the dynamic duo.

Jealousy | Episode 8

Cross Connection / 1033 VIEWS

Majoring in Minors: Part I | Episode 4

Cross Connection / 1026 VIEWS

As the gospel spreads to the Gentiles, the Jews get into a discussion about which doctrines they have to follow.

Jail and Justice | Episode 7

Cross Connection / 1015 VIEWS

From Foe to Follower | Episode 10

Cross Connection / 987 VIEWS

Saul meets his Maker in one of the greatest conversion stories of all time. When God's plans meet your purpose, everything changes.