The Adventures of Barnabas and Saul: Part I | Episode 1

Cross Connection / 18 VIEWS

Gospel enthusiasts Oleg and Sergio pick up where they left off last season - with Barnabas and Saul.

The Case of the Unknown God | Episode 9

Cross Connection / 16 VIEWS

Human Like You | Episode 3

Cross Connection / 14 VIEWS

Paul and Barnabas heal a crippled man in Lystra and are faced with man's greatest temptation. Oleg, Sergio, and the gang discuss the importance of strength in partnership.

The Fellowship of the Community | Episode 3

Cross Connection / 12 VIEWS

As the new community grew in Acts 2, their mindset and lifestyle changed. Oleg and Sergio discuss how a community filled with the Holy Spirit should live.

A Great Persecution | Episode 9

Cross Connection / 11 VIEWS

Saul persecutes the followers of the Way, and Simon the sorcerer learns about real power. Oleg, Sergio, and guests provide a quick snapshot of the narratives in Acts 8.

Antioch | Episode 15

Cross Connection / 11 VIEWS

It was Antioch where the believers were first called Christians. On this episode, we learn what the word Christian means along with rethinking the concept of church

Majoring in Minors: Part I | Episode 4

Cross Connection / 11 VIEWS

As the gospel spreads to the Gentiles, the Jews get into a discussion about which doctrines they have to follow.

Majoring in Minors: Part II | Episode 5

Cross Connection / 11 VIEWS

The Church sends an encouraging letter to the Gentile believers; Paul and Barnabas reach a missionary fork in the road.

Meal 242 | Episode 11

Cross Connection / 11 VIEWS