The World's Hate and the Spirit's Joy - Episode 21

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Jesus said that his followers will be persecuted, even killed. But then he said, no one will be able to take away your joy. How is this possible?

Jesus Explains His Mission - Episode 17

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Have you ever wondered what the meaning of Jesus' Death and Resurrection is? What did Jesus have to say about it? On the season finale of CC, the group looks to John 12 to learn his incredible, life-changing explanation of his mission!

The Resurrection - Episode 27

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Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ there is no Christianity. But why is it so important for Christian faith?

"I AM" - Episode 13

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Have you ever heard people say that Jesus is the great I AM. But how do these two words affect my life?

Love and Service - Episode 18

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No one worth anything would have done it. But Jesus did it and he wants us to do it too!

Jesus Return and Presence - Episode 19

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The Calling of the First Disciples - Episode 2

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Who do you follow? You can follow your favorite football team. You can even follow preachers or the ministry of your church. But you'll still be lost if you don't follow Jesus first. Join us as we discover what it really means to follow Jesus.

The Living Water - Episode 5

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How valuable is your reputation to you? Jesus wants to challenge your perspective on reputation. He wants you to be ready to give it up for His sake and for the sake of love. Join CC team and discover the Well of Living Water.

Rivers of Living Water - Episode 11

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We've all been thirsty. How do you quench your thirst? You go to the well, or you carry your water bottle with you. Jesus has LIVING water for you. And you don't have to go and find it. He wants you to become a spring of living water.