True Faith - Episode 10

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Faith is one of the most important elements of the Christian walk. But how do we know we're walking in true faith?

Celebration - Episode 28

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Eucharist (the Holy Communion) was instituted by Jesus and is celebrated by Christians today. But what is the true meaning behind it? Coming up on Cross Connection.

The Free Kingdom - Episode 18

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Oleg, Sergio and company explore the nature of the kingdom that Jesus brings.

Discipleship II: The Dangers of Discipleship - Episode 12

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Following Jesus is a wonderful, beautiful journey. But there are dangers along the way as well. What are they and how can we overcome them?

Internal Transformation - Episode 14

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Change can only really happen from the inside out. So what did Jesus say about internal transformation?

Giving Everything - Episode 19 (Season Finale)

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The season finale airs

Jesus and Prophecies - Episode 27

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Today's news predicts a gloomy picture for this world. But is this what Jesus predicted about the future of this world?

Receiving Sight - Episode 24

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Do you want to live forever? What did Jesus say about how we can inherit eternal life?

Finding Joy - Episode 20

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Oleg and Sergio discuss what can bring genuine happiness and real joy to us.