The Beginning of the Good News - Episode 1

Cross Connection / 14 VIEWS

The season premiere of Cross Connection begins with an all-new gospel - The Gospel of Mark.

Who Is The Greatest? - Episode 11

Cross Connection / 6 VIEWS

We all have the desire to be greater, but what if Jesus wants to turn our understanding of greatness upside down?

Destiny of the Disciples - Episode 6

Cross Connection / 5 VIEWS

Does becoming a follower of Jesus mean that your life will be easy? What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?

The Resurrection - Episode 18

Cross Connection / 5 VIEWS

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? And, what difference does it make anyway?

The Triumphal Entry - Episode 13

Cross Connection / 4 VIEWS

Do you feel that political powers oppress those who are weak? Do you feel that religion has become a tool for exercising power and oppression?

Jesus and Traditions - Episode 8

Cross Connection / 3 VIEWS

Jesus said to religious people of His time, "You have rejected the Commandments of God for the sake of your tradition." Why do we do the same thing today?