Jesus' Authority - Episode 12

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We often say that Jesus had authority, but what kind of authority? On Cross Connection we discover three types of Jesus' authority.

Discipleship (Part 1) - Episode 14

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Did Jesus really limit the people that we should minister to?

The Mystery of the Parables (Part 1) - Episode 18

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You will never look at a seed, or Christ's parables, the same way again.

Three Polemic Parables - Episode 30

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Jesus said that the Kingdom of God will be given to those who bear fruit. But what type of fruit do we need to bear? Join us as we search the scriptures and become amazed at the incredible answer!

Jesus is the Messiah. So What? - Episode 23

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Jesus was met with a request for signs in order to believe in Him. Are we any different today?

The Cost of Discipleship - Episode 27

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Many people talk about what we need to DO to get into heaven, but what do we need to GIVE UP in order to follow Jesus?

Discipleship (Part 2) - Episode 15

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The Bible says that those that follow Christ will be persecuted. Am I not following Christ if I am not persecuted?

"Six Antitheses of Jesus" - Episode 6

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Jesus said that a simple thought can be the same as committing adultery. Join Oleg Kostyuk as we learn how to enact Christ's seemingly contrasting statements in our own lives.

The Transfiguration of Jesus - Episode 24

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What does it mean to take up one's cross? There are many opinions out there, but what exactly did Jesus mean when He said it?