CC: Season's Greetings - Joseph, Mary, and the Greatest Christmas Gift

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On the second part of CC: Season's Greetings, the CC gang takes a look at Mary and Joseph, asking what made them worthy of being entrusted with the Greatest Gift. How can we be more like them?

"Alms, Fasting, & Prayer" - Episode 7

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Could it be wrong to give to the poor, or fast for your beliefs? Oleg Kostyuk's answer may surprise you.

The True Meaning of Miracles - Episode 13

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Jesus desires mercy, not sacrifice. So what did Matthew really want us to learn about His miracles?

"The Sermon On The Mount: The Beatitudes" - Episode 5

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Bible scholars know them as the "Be-attitudes," yet no words to live by could be more strange to real world people. Oleg Kostyuk makes sense of the topsy-turvy rules of living, left by a God whose rules are pure love.

The Great Servant - Episode 17

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The servant may be the lowest position, but it is taken by the greatest of men. Find out about this on today's Cross Connection.

Preparation for Jesus' Death - Episode 35

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Jesus took the bread and the wine and said eat and drink for this is my body and this is my blood. Jesus offered his blood, his life, his death, all for us, all so that our sins can be forgiven.

"The Baptism and Temptations of Jesus" - Episode 4

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We find Jesus on the banks of a river, asking to be baptized. Yet the question must be asked, why would a sinless man need to be baptized? In Cross Connections we explore the meaning and the importance of Jesus' baptism.

"The Empty Tomb" - SPECIAL EDITION

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Christians celebrate the event annually, but what does Christ's resurrection truly mean for us?

The Crucified God - Episode 37

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The idea of the Son of God dying on the cross was utter folly to the natural mind of both Jews and Greeks due to their abhorrence of crucifixion. But, the success of the message of a crucified God can only be explained by the power of God.