Three Miracles of Healing and Restoration - Episode 11

Cross Connection / 13 VIEWS

It's not that Jesus isn't performing miracles today. He is doing the same work that He did with us. It's that we are looking for the wrong thing.

"The Baptism and Temptations of Jesus" - Episode 4

Cross Connection / 12 VIEWS

We find Jesus on the banks of a river, asking to be baptized. Yet the question must be asked, why would a sinless man need to be baptized? In Cross Connections we explore the meaning and the importance of Jesus' baptism.

CC: Season's Greetings - God With Us

Cross Connection / 10 VIEWS

To close out "Season's Greetings," the group examine the incredible concept of God revealing His love by actually becoming one of us. How does God lowering Himself to our level change our view of the season?

"The Genealogy of the King" - Episode 1

Cross Connection / 8 VIEWS

We do a little digging around the roots of Jesus' family tree, only on Cross Connections.

CC: Season's Greetings - The Genealogy of the King

Cross Connection / 8 VIEWS

CC begins its first Christmas special with an out-of-the-box topic: Matthew's genealogy of Jesus. What does a dry list of names reveal about the coming King? As it turns out, much more than you think.

The True Meaning of Miracles - Episode 13

Cross Connection / 7 VIEWS

Jesus desires mercy, not sacrifice. So what did Matthew really want us to learn about His miracles?

The Cost of Discipleship - Episode 27

Cross Connection / 7 VIEWS

Many people talk about what we need to DO to get into heaven, but what do we need to GIVE UP in order to follow Jesus?

"The Empty Tomb" - SPECIAL EDITION

Cross Connection / 5 VIEWS

Christians celebrate the event annually, but what does Christ's resurrection truly mean for us?

Unexpected Faith - Episode 22

Cross Connection / 5 VIEWS

We all know stories of discrimination, but do you know the one in Matthew 15?