Opening Program

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Welcome to Celebration of Hope in Asheville, North Carolina! Discover how your support of Hope Channel is changing lives every day!

Mission in Action

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God wants to use you to change the world!

Lifestyle Seminar

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Gain tips of living a healthier and happier life!

Praying for Women (International Women's Day)

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This week on Let’s Pray we are celebrating and praying for women around the world to commemorate International Women’s Day. Join us to learn more about the issues affecting women, and for helpful tips to renew and revitalize your spiritually.

Praying for Youth Around the World

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This week on Let’s Pray, we are praying for youth around the world as they mobilize for global youth day on March 16th to serve their communities wherever they are in every nation.

Lesson 6 - The Royal Love Song.

Hope Sabbath School / 0 VIEWS

Sunday May 5 - Sabbath May 11

Praying for Fitness

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Physical wellness plays a key role in our overall wellbeing. This week on Let’s Pray, we’ll discuss practical ways to restore or retain a good physical condition.

Episode for October 2, 2019

Bible HelpDesk / 0 VIEWS

How to protect ourselves from the devil? Is the image of God seen in women? Marriage in heaven? What to do in the face of injustice? Once saved, always saved?

Living with Lyme Disease

Real Family Talk / 0 VIEWS

Having faith helped a family cope with their daughter’s Lyme Disease.