Daniel 8 - Episode 10

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Man vs. Beast, Good vs. Evil, Ram vs. Goat? The conflict may not spark Hollywood movies, but unpacking Daniel 8 is anything but tame.

Daniel 1 - Episode 16

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Today we discuss the man himself, the author of the book of Daniel.

"The Keys of Death" - Episode 21

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It is a fate that awaits all of us, yet so many philosophies are circulating. What does the Bible say about the matter?

Isaiah 53 - Episode 13

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Can we really find Jesus in the Old Testament? Many say that ancient prophets foresaw the crucifixion of Christ, yet many read the same passages and they don't connect the dots.

Daniel 5 - Episode 5

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Ever wonder what the seven seals represent? Today we explain them on Disclosure.

Revelation 4 - Episode 6

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Imagine being transformed directly to the throne room of God. Shawn Boonstra directs us to Revelation 4, where the author of the book does just that.

Revelation 5 - Episode 7

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Even innocent, it is a daunting task to face a judge. There you stand before the person with the power to decide your fate. If God was your judge, how would your life stack up? It's another dynamic discussion with Disclosure Live Host, Shawn Boons

"John the Revelator" - Episode 12

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John the Revelator stops in to discuss why Revelation was written specifically for you.

"Human Government From God's Perspective" - Episode 24

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Political unrest is all over the world. So what does the Bible say about our governments?