When Your Loved One is Suicidal

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The World Health Organization reports that every year almost 1 million people die from suicide. That's 1 death every 40 seconds! Find out what to do when a loved one is considering ending their life.

Where God Wants Me to Be

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While God knows the path our lives will take, we are free to make our own choices. We can decide to let difficult experiences doubt His love for us or we can focus on God through the darkest of times. We can trust Him to place us where He wants us to be.

Where have all the friends gone?

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Where is Your Heart? - Episode 16

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Have you ever been anxious? What if you are anxious because you're trusting in the wrong thing?

Where Money Grows

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Where'd You Get That Pot Roast?

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Wherever Needed Most

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Olen and Danae dreamed of becoming missionary doctors. After graduating from medical school, they decided to serve where most needed—and ended up at Béré Adventist Hospital in Chad. Working under the most challenging of situations, the Netteburgs face life and death situations every day, saving as many lives as possible and bringing hope and healing to thousands.

Who Am I? A Search for Identity

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It wasn’t easy growing up in East Germany. When the Berlin Wall collapsed in 1989, teenage Markus decided to enjoy his new freedom in new and exciting ways that led him down some dark roads. Then one day in 1994 he found an intriguing book on his mother’s desk that changed his life course forever.

Who Can Stop Leo Now?

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