"Revelation's Glorious Rapture" - Episode 20

Disclosure /

In books, movies, bumper stickers, and now Disclosure, we discuss the Rapture.

"Ruth: A Love Story" - Episode 21

StoryLine /

Although God is never mentioned in the book, Ruth is a great book about God's love for us.

"Samson - The Strongest Weak Man" - Episode 19

StoryLine /

Samson is known as the strong man of the Bible, yet his weaknesses were too great.

"Saul's Conversion" - Episode 25

StoryLine /

He was known as the best of the best, but to God, Saul needed a drastic change in his life.

"Six Antitheses of Jesus" - Episode 6

Cross Connection /

Jesus said that a simple thought can be the same as committing adultery. Join Oleg Kostyuk as we learn how to enact Christ's seemingly contrasting statements in our own lives.

"The Baptism and Temptations of Jesus" - Episode 4

Cross Connection /

We find Jesus on the banks of a river, asking to be baptized. Yet the question must be asked, why would a sinless man need to be baptized? In Cross Connections we explore the meaning and the importance of Jesus' baptism.

"The Disobedient Prophet" - Episode 18

StoryLine /

At first glance the lines are drawn between the good and bad characters, but too quickly our man of God leads our story through a very unexpected turn.

"The Empty Tomb" - SPECIAL EDITION

Cross Connection /

Christians celebrate the event annually, but what does Christ's resurrection truly mean for us?

"The Genealogy of the King" - Episode 1

Cross Connection /

We do a little digging around the roots of Jesus' family tree, only on Cross Connections.