10. Satan's Final Deceptions

Three Cosmic Messages Earth's Final Conflict / 5 LIKES

The tenth presentation in our series, Three Cosmic Messages, offers critical lessons for our eternal welfare. In the Book of Revelation, God appeals to us in love, and we also find some warning for the final days. Satan and his agents are preparing for the last and final deception. But the Bible shows us that the Lord wants us to be prepared and avoid Satan’s lies and trickery. You cannot afford to miss this fascinating episode that exposes the plans of the enemy of God and man.

02 Knowing God as Creator

InVerse / 5 LIKES

Have you discerned what you were made for?

04 Higher than the Highest

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The paradox of education.

05 Adam’s Fall and Jesus’ Triumph

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God can be really unfair...

06 Dead to Sin!

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12 That’s Your Opinion

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How to survive an opinion fight.

Your Q’s Answered – Divorce

Real Family Talk / 5 LIKES

Every marriage has moments of distress, but where is the tipping point to when it becomes divorce?

Domestic Violence and the Family

Real Family Talk / 5 LIKES

Willie and Elaine Oliver talk with Katia Reinert talk about the rise in domestic violence during 2020 is staggering. There is no excuse for abuse in the family.

God's Part and Our Part

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 5 LIKES