"Five Things" - Pr. Rick Johns

Hope at Home / 3 VIEWS

Five important live lessons, borne of quarantine reflections.

Praise and Adoration

Let's Pray / 3 VIEWS

There are times we are in absolute awe and recognition of our God. We are all marveled of what He will do next

Praying Through COVID-19 - Elaine and Willie Oliver

Hope at Home / 3 VIEWS

Prayer is talking to God as we talk to a friend. If our friend is omnipotent—almighty—one that can do anything we need, this is a friend we want to talk with frequently about anything and everything that is challenging us each day. COVID-19 has brought many challenges to marriages and families around the world. Why not talk with our friend Jesus who can make all things well.

Managing Family Screentime During Quarantine - Elaine and Willie Oliver

Hope at Home / 3 VIEWS

Dr. Willie and Eline Olivers will help us understand the impact of technology (both positive and negative) and to work on finding the right balance of time spent on and offline. Willie and Elaine will give us 4 tips on how to manage the screen time on our homes.

Episode for September 2, 2020

Bible HelpDesk / 3 VIEWS

Is the book of Hosea a vision or allegory? Did God want to kill Moses? Explain Psalm 51:6. What can we learn from the horror of Judges 19? Who are God's people?