Lesson 5 - The Experience of Unity In the Early Church

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Sunday October 28 - Sabbath November 3

Lesson 11-Unity In Worship

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Sunday December 9 - Sabbath December 15

11 Unity in Worship

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Sabbath Evening

Celebration of Hope / 49 LIKES

Be inspired by messages that are touching hearts and changing lives!

Lesson 3- The Message of Jesus to the Seven Churches

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Sunday January 13 - Sabbath January 19

Lesson 5 - Wise Words For Families From the Proverbs

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Sabbath April 28 - Sabbath May 4

Fitness First

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So do you know which is worse for your health - being obese and fit, or being normal weight and unfit? Find out how to be fit and healthy.

Lesson 4 - Rebuke and Retribution (4th Qtr 2015)

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God--The Greatest Neuroscientist

Revival for Mission / 48 LIKES

Dr. Jan Cabungcal is a top neuroscientist working at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Raised by his grandparents in the Philippines, at age 11 he joined his parents in Europe, where he later studied neuroscience. Dr. Jan’s work was greatly enriched after attending life-changing meetings in Bern, and today he has a passion for igniting a spirit of revival and mission among the youth of Europe.