We Will Never Forget

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 1753 VIEWS

Managing Family Screentime During Quarantine - Elaine and Willie Oliver

Hope at Home / 1749 VIEWS

Dr. Willie and Eline Olivers will help us understand the impact of technology (both positive and negative) and to work on finding the right balance of time spent on and offline. Willie and Elaine will give us 4 tips on how to manage the screen time on our homes.

New Beginnings

Let's Pray / 1744 VIEWS

There’s something about the power of praise that really sets the tone for a right attitude toward our God. When He answers our prayers it’s exciting and in many situations, it’s like we’ve been given a new beginning all over again. On this program, we hear so many in need and it’s a blessing to hear praises to the One who answers those prayers.

The Birth of Jesus - Episode 3

Cross Connection / 1734 VIEWS

What is the real meaning behind Jesus' birth and what can we learn from it?

The Game of Exclusion

Higher Ground / 1726 VIEWS

Dr. Barry Black shows us how to avoid the exclusion game, and to live our lives according to God’s plan.

The Importance of Vitamin D and Sunshine - Dr. Nerida McKibben

Hope at Home / 1723 VIEWS

Learn the importance of Vitamin D in our life and how to obtain it.

06 The Sealed People of God

InVerse / 1721 VIEWS

LP: David Marr | God Is In Control

Let's Pray / 1718 VIEWS

David Marr shares his testimony of how God intervened for a medical condition he didn't know was there.

Five Good Reasons to Follow Jesus

Five Good Reasons / 1684 VIEWS

There is no more profound invitation than this. Jesus asks for your trust. Watch now to discover how to follow Him.