Lesson 1: Living in a 24/7 Society

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Sunday June 27 - Sabbath July 03

Lesson 2: Restless and Rebellious

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Sunday July 04 - Sabbath July 10

Lesson 3: The Roots of Restlessness

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Sunday July 11 - Sabbath July 17

Lesson 4: The Cost of Rest

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Sunday July 18 - Sabbath July 24

Lesson 5: The Invitation of Jesus: “Come to Me”

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Sunday July 25 - Sabbath July 31

Finding Hope: Jesus' Promised Return

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Will this world come to an end?

Welcoming Strangers: What Do We Owe Refugees and Migrants?

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The world is experiencing a surge in the numbers of people fleeing violence or poverty and this humanitarian crisis has raised many difficult questions. We take a closer look at how faith informs our attitude toward migrants and refugees.

A Boy Named Samuel

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Samuel was supposed to be a diplomat, according to his father. But his mother named him Samuel and dedicated him to be a pastor. See how God worked in the life of this young man, guiding him on a fascinating journey to where he is today on this episode of Revival for Mission.

03 - Your Internal Environment: Attitude

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Attitude, social networks, lifestyle, and spiritual renewal are woven together to create the mental mettle to confront obstacles. Vicki demonstrates that there is hope for the harried!