The House of Love That God Built

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Their love story had a rocky start - incarceration, illness, and incompatible dreams. Yet Justin and Julie believed God brought them together for marriage and ministry.

They Said Yes

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Life is full of choices and we're often asked to say "yes" or "no." Our answers can have immediate and sometimes eternal consequences. When we say "yes" to Him, God promises to do amazing things!

Barbra Ehrenreich’s Search for the Truth about Everything

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An atheist woman does everything she can to find “truth” outside of God, but ironically her efforts only bring her to know the God of truth.

I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

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His mother's death sent Nathan Krause's life into a tailspin. He sought stability in addictive behaviors and a variety of religions, yet he was not truly happy.

Unlikely Encounters

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It is sometimes the people we meet in the most unlikely places who have a significant impact on our lives.

Bringing Light into Darkness

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Our spiritual journey is not always mountaintops and happy days. There are times when we struggle against fear and loneliness.

Finding God Up in a Tree

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We are never too far away from God's love. He can be found even high up in a tree.

The Friends Who Brought Hope

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The people in your neighborhood share similar struggles and community concerns. Yet many of us do not know a most basic fact - our neighbors' names. Friendship has the power to transform.

Eight Years and 16 Days

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God knows each of us personally, as even the very hairs on our head are numbered. Our spiritual journey to know Him is just as unique.