Yes, I'm a Codependent. Now What?

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Are you so focused on the needs of others, or in fixing others so much that you forget about yourself in the process? Do you ignore your own needs? If so, you may have an emotional condition called codependency. Discover your freedom on this episode!

5 Steps to Better Communication

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Over the years Willie and Elaine have received a number of questions from you as viewers, or responding to their magazine columns and social media pages about practical ways to improve communication. Join now as they answer your questions and discuss practical tips to communicate effectively particularly with a spouse.

Lesson 13- Leaders in Israel

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Sunday December 22 - Sabbath December 28

Lesson 6 - Why Is Interpretation Needed?

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Sunday May 3 - Sabbath May 9

Lesson 10 - The Bible As History

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Sunday May 31 - Sabbath June 6

Lesson 3 - The Word of God As Our Teacher

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Sunday October 11 - Sabbath October 17

Lesson 7: Rest, Relationships, and Healing

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Sunday August 08 - Sabbath August 14

"The Sermon on the Mount: Money and Stress" - Episode 8

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It seems that the bills never stop coming to the mailbox. You pay one, and it's back before you know it. Paired with stress, these are perhaps the two topics that worry most people. Yet, 2000 years before our time, Jesus had important words on thi

The Greatest Miracle of Jesus - Episode 20

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God took five loaves and two fishes and turned them into the most talked about miracle of his ministry.