Whole Foods, As Grown

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61% of the food that Americans buy is highly processed. That's at least 1000 calories a day for each and every one of us. Find out how that impacts your health.

Lesson 7 - Retributive Punishment (4th Qtr 2016)

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Pesticide vs Organic Gardening

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Ever heard of bio-magnification?

Gut Brain Connection

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Did you know that your gut speaks to your brain and your brain talks back? That's why your tummy can mirror your emotions so readily. Find out how to positively impact that connection.

All Over Joppa | Episode 11

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When Tabitha passes away, an entire community is shaken. How can we have a greater impact in our communities?

LP: Marco Topete | From Drug Dealer to Disciple

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When Marco Topete's life hit rock bottom, Jesus showed him something much better.

Lesson 7 - Servant Leadership (2nd Qtr 2017)

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