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Less than half of people with migraine or tension-headaches seek professional help. Instead they rely on over-the-counter medications that can, with chronic and excessive use, actually CAUSE headaches. So if you get headaches, stay tuned!

Addictions - Alcohol

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Alcohol misuse is the leading cause of premature death and disability worldwide, for people aged 15 to 50. But, only 10% of those with an alcohol problem recognize that they have one. If you are thinking about drinking, seriously consider the risks.

Cheese Trap

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Have you been struggling with weight problems for years? Your eating isn't too bad and you're exercising some, but your weight is just not shifting. And you've tried all the diets? Want to know what could be causing the problem? Don’t miss this!

Character Traits

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Did you know that you have natural character traits, brain strengths, and personality that can all be leveraged to propel you forward? Discover how to better use your character traits.

Lesson 11- Arrest In Jerusalem

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Prostate Cancer

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More than 2.5 million men in the United States today, have had the diagnosis of prostate cancer. What is the key to living with it rather than dying from it? And what is the key to prevention? Knowing what to do may save your life! There's HOPE.

GMO Foods

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By mixing genes from unrelated species, does genetic engineering unleash a host of unpredictable side effects? Could it be that the type of genes used and the process of creating a genetically modified plant species result in collateral damage?

Lesson 1 - Creation and Fall

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Lesson 7-Paul's Missionary Journey

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Sunday August 12-Sabbath August 18