Noah: When Will God Destroy Evil?

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What is God's answer to the problem of evil in this world?

Esther: Faithful Under Pressure

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Would you risk your safety to help others?

David: The Importance of Worship

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Everyone worships something or someone... so what difference does it make to focus our worship on our Creator God?

Joseph: The Freedom of Forgiveness

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How is forgiving those who have wronged us also a gift of freedom to ourselves?

Adam & Eve: Courage Vs Fear

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Having the courage to make the right choices in our everyday lives--what does it take?

Elohim: with You and for You

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Who is this great God of the universe who loves us beyond measure?

Jesus: A Willing Sacrifice

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What made Jesus sacrifice his life for you and me?

Samson: Answered Prayer

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Does God pay attention to our prayers even when we sin?

John: Transformed By Grace

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Is anyone beyond the transforming power of God's grace?