Coping with COVID and Staying Healthy - Dr. Robert Rodgers

Hope at Home / 9 VIEWS

Dr. Robert Rodgers will analyze how this COVID19 Pandemic affected us, and he will give us valuable tips on how to stay healthy and safe.

A Prayer of Confession

Let's Pray / 9 VIEWS

Confession, has it gotten a bad name in recent years? Why is it so important? We will talk about this topic tonight, and as always, we will pray with you

Remember, Lord - The Prayer of King Hezekiah

Let's Pray / 9 VIEWS

Sometimes we wonder if God sees us or remembers our devotion to Him. Join us tonight to find an inspiring answer to that worrying thought.

Assurance of Deliverance-The Prayer of King Hezekiah

Let's Pray / 9 VIEWS

Can we be assured of our deliverance? Let’s take a look at how the Lord has delivered His chosen ones in the past, and we can learn from those experiences and trust that He will do the same for us when we need it.

Joseph: The Freedom of Forgiveness

Hope at Home / 9 VIEWS

How is forgiving those who have wronged us also a gift of freedom to ourselves?

Moses: The Sabbath Secret

Hope at Home / 9 VIEWS

In a world where we are enslaved to the things around us, how can we find true freedom?

09 What About Israel?

InVerse / 9 VIEWS

Impossible problems with simple solutions.

Episode for November 11, 2020

Bible HelpDesk / 9 VIEWS

Does God answer prayers of those who doubt? Explain 1 Cor 5:5. Good deeds for show vs from a relationship with God. Is faith a work that saves us? Without a wedding garment: what does it mean?

Episode for January 6, 2021

Bible HelpDesk / 9 VIEWS

Can you be saved if you die without setting it right with God? Why did God punish the serpent? Is it ok to sprinkle oil on someone? Where is the Trinity in the Bible?