2017 Week of Prayer Tuesday


Speaker: Dr. Larry Lichtenwalter Topic:"“Google Earth, Google Heart” Theme:“Everyday Apocalypse: Revelation’s Christ for Our Every Day.”

Fighting Suicidal Thoughts

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Suicide is a top killer. Find out how you can make a difference in saving someone’s life.

LP: S8E06 | Let's Begin Again

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It's time to begin again. We're taking the time to audit several areas of our lives so that we can have a fresh start.

01 - God Created

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Where do we get our sense of worth?

02 — Blueprint for a Better World

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Justice and mercy in the Old Testament is seen in how God delivers His laws and what the laws say.

07 The Usage of Power

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08 Through Hidden Opposition: Strength

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A politically motivated open letter designed to strike fear in the hearts of its readers.