Preventive Foot Health - SS

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Lung Cancer

Go Healthy For Good! / 45 LIKES

How to prevent lung cancer?

Why Opposites Attract

Real Family Talk / 45 LIKES

We're just so different! Join Willie and Elaine as they share the secrets to how couples who describe themselves as opposites can maintain a healthy marriage relationship.

When Illness Joins the Family

Real Family Talk / 45 LIKES

Unfortunately whether physical or mental, Illness is natural but unwelcome part of life. But how can we cope with it? Join Willie and Elaine as they discuss the challenges, dynamics and realities that families face when a loved one faces an illness or health challenge.

13 Final Restoration of Unity

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Lesson 9 - Satan and His Two Allies

Hope Sabbath School / 45 LIKES

Sunday February 27 - Sabbath March 2

Underage Alcoholism

Unhooked / 44 LIKES

Peer pressure. Rites of passage to adulthood. Ability to forget problems. These are some of the reasons that prompt underage drinking. Millions of teens start this addictive habit without truly understanding the consequences.

Alcoholism in Adults

Unhooked / 44 LIKES

One drink won't hurt, or will it? Many adults wish they had never taken the first sip. In this episode, the long-term effects of alcohol use and abuse are discussed.

Discipleship I: Taking Up The Cross - Episode 11

Cross Connection / 44 LIKES

There are a lot of ideas about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. But Jesus himself had something very interesting to say about that.