People With Busted Buzzers

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 2171 VIEWS

The New Man

Let's Pray / 2158 VIEWS

Do you ever wonder if we can truly change to become a new person? Let’s find out what the Word of God says about it today!

All Over Joppa | Episode 11

Cross Connection / 2155 VIEWS

When Tabitha passes away, an entire community is shaken. How can we have a greater impact in our communities?

The Lord's Prayer Part VI ("Lead Us not into Temptation")

Let's Pray / 2147 VIEWS

Lead us not into temptation -- what did Jesus really mean when He included that phrase in the Lord’s Prayer.? Was Jesus saying that God could tempt us? We’ll answer that question and more on how to ask God to deliver us from evil, as we conclude our series on the Lord’s Prayer.

Joseph: The Freedom of Forgiveness

Hope at Home / 2147 VIEWS

How is forgiving those who have wronged us also a gift of freedom to ourselves?

Filled with God | Episode 7

Cross Connection / 2139 VIEWS

The Apostles select seven godly men to help with food distribution. Stephen (being filled with the Spirit) was one of those seven. How can we be filled with God to be chosen for His plans?

Spiritual Fruit

Let's Pray / 2101 VIEWS

Love, joy, peace, long-suffering -- these are some of the fruits of the spirit. How do we allow these fruits to stay rooted in us?

Sunday Morning Devotional

Celebration of Hope / 2076 VIEWS

Derek Morris shares how an often-overlooked little prayer from the Old Testament can radically transform your life.