Lesson 11- Living The Advent Hope

Hope Sabbath School / 15 VIEWS

Sunday September 8 - Sabbath September 14

They Will Be Comforted

The Verse / 15 VIEWS

Death is unavoidable for us and our loved ones. Hear a few stories of how people dealt with the grief that followed losing someone close to them.

Sharing Hope

Transformed / 15 VIEWS

Finding encouragement in the transforming message of Salvation can help you share God's love with everyone you meet.

Lesson 8 - God and the Covenant

Hope Sabbath School / 15 VIEWS

Sunday November 17 - Sabbath November 23

Your Questions Answered-Technology and the Family

Real Family Talk / 15 VIEWS

Willie and Elaine Oliver answer questions about technology use and its impact on the family.

Lesson 12 - From North and South To The Beautiful Land

Hope Sabbath School / 15 VIEWS

Sunday March 15 - Sabbath March 21

Estate Planning-Crowning Act of Stewardship

Stupid Money / 15 VIEWS

With firewood to split and thirty fruit trees to care for, there is always work to be done at the Glessele hillside home. It requires careful planning to get quality fruit. In the same way, we should carefully consider our estate plans and wills.

Going to the Farthest Ends for God

Revival for Mission / 15 VIEWS

Alaska is a land of incredible beauty and contrasts. Come learn what life is really like for the natives of this land and how one person can make a difference for eternity.

Lesson 7 -Sharing the Word

Hope Sabbath School / 15 VIEWS

Sunday August 9 - Sabbath August 15