Lesson 8 - Creation: Genesis As Foundation - Part 1

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Sunday May 17 - Sabbath May 23

Episode for April 15, 2020

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Can I accept but not love God? Do I have to be good to go to heaven? I don't feel saved. Did the Holy Spirit come after Jesus? Healing tree? Best Bible version?

Marriage Resilience During and After COVID-19 - Dr. Willie and Elaine Oliver

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All marriages will experience stressful life events, with or without COVID. For some couples, COVID may be your first stressful event, especially for newlyweds! Addressing how couples adapt to stress is imperative for understanding marital development.

Episode for August 26, 2020

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Does God wait for us to seek Him? Who was Thecla? Did Jesus give his life as a ransom for many or for all? Should I fear the judgment?

Repeating God’s Promise in Prayer

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Knowing we can trust someone’s “word” means we can rely on it, lean on it, and believe it will be done as they said. How much more can we be assured that God's Word is infallible and trustworthy?

11 A Life of Love

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Let's talk about politics and religion.

Jesus: A Willing Sacrifice

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What made Jesus sacrifice his life for you and me?

Mary Magdalene: Thankful for God's Forgiveness

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What are you grateful for today?