05 The “War Zone” of the Covenants

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The Old Testament God vs. the New Testament God.

Kidney Disease & Diet

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Kidneys are essential, yet when function is impaired there are often no symptoms. Dr. Nerida shares how to care for this organ before it’s too late.

09 Dead to the Law – Married to Christ

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"Til death do us part"?

12 Covenant Love: The Discipline Component

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True discipline exists in the context of love.

05 Marital Sexuality: Oneness

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Let's take a look at a forbidden Bible book.

Launching August 21!

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Bible HelpDesk launches Aug 21 at 6 pm EST! Call, text or email your questions and we will answer them live every Wednesday.

11 The Obsoleteness and Permanence of the Covenant

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What's the same? What's different?

07 Marital Sexuality: Sameness of Nature

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God's intentions for humanity with respect to sexuality.

Lesson 4 -Enthronement of the Lamb

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Sunday January 20 - Sabbath January 26