CC: Season's Greetings - God With Us

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To close out "Season's Greetings," the group examine the incredible concept of God revealing His love by actually becoming one of us. How does God lowering Himself to our level change our view of the season?

The Light of the World - Episode 14

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Jesus said that he came so that those who do not see may see, and those who see may be made blind. But why would he want to make some people blind? Join us as we talk about spiritual blindness and the light that Jesus wants us to experience.

On The Way With Jesus - Episode 12

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What does it mean to really follow Jesus?

Pursuing Progress Before Perfection

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Dr. Barry Black shows us how to not get caught up in the small details of life, but how to instead move forward on the path god has prepared for us.

"Family Ties That Bind and Hurt" - Episode 2

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Barren and scorned within her own household, God turns a disparaged wife into a miracle.

"Leap of Faith" - Episode 4

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The widow's faith could be measured as a handful of flour and a little oil. As a meal it wasn't much, but as faith it was immeasurable, and God was just about to prove it.

"Baruch - God is Listening" - Episode 23

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When it seemed that nobody was listening, God certainly was.

The Church of Sardis - Episode 5

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Was Martin Luther foretold in the Bible?

Early Childhood Education

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Scientists have learned that a toddler's brain develops over one hundred trillion synapses. The more synapses formed, the more you learn! Watch, as we explore how you can maximize your child's potential for a life of success.