Lesson 4- The First Church Leaders

Hope Sabbath School / 4 VIEWS

Sunday July 22 - Sabbath July 28

01 You Will Be My Witnesses

InVerse / 4 VIEWS

The beginnings of the movement after Christ departed.

02 Pentecost

InVerse / 4 VIEWS

What really happened at Pentecost?

05 The Conversion of Paul

InVerse / 4 VIEWS

The greatest conversion story of the greatest theologian (outside of Jesus Christ).

Parents' Roundtable: Fathers

Real Family Talk / 4 VIEWS

Join Willie as he talks with fathers about what it's like to parent today's children and what we can do, regardless of the circumstances, to prepare them for success.

Is the Internet Rewiring Your Child's Brain?

Real Family Talk / 4 VIEWS

How much is too much? And can parents find a balance? Join Willie and Elaine as they talk with a pediatrician about the impact of screen time (social media, smartphones, gaming, TV) on the developing brain.

Unweaving The Rainbow

Cliff! / 4 VIEWS

Let's Honor Mothers

Let's Pray / 4 VIEWS

Every second, four babies are born around the world. This week on Let's Pray, we honor the queens that give birth to them.