08 Waiting Time

InVerse / 957 VIEWS

Why is waiting so painful?

12 Beyond Sexuality

InVerse / 957 VIEWS

How does sexuality reveal the heart of God?

The Resurrection of Jesus - Episode 38

Cross Connection / 956 VIEWS

The resurrection of Jesus changed the world forever. Take it away, and you leave the entire world without a gospel. So what does the resurrection mean to us in our lives today?

Praying to Understand God's Sacrifice

Let's Pray / 956 VIEWS

A time for remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus for victory over sin. What does the holiday really mean? Tune to Let's Pray for a closer look at God's sacrifice on the cross and how it impacts our lives.

The Way of the Cross - Episode 10

Cross Connection / 955 VIEWS

Jesus completed His journey to the Cross and asks us to do the same. What does that mean for our lives?

06 — Worship the Creator

InVerse / 955 VIEWS

What is the role of ritual in our Christian experience?

Sharing Faith with your Children

Real Family Talk / 951 VIEWS

How can we pass the torch of faith to our children? Join Willie and Elaine with Pr. Shirlene McClenden as they share insights and offer tips on sharing faith, values, but most of all keeping our kids interested in God and religion.

Jesus' Authority - Episode 12

Cross Connection / 946 VIEWS

We often say that Jesus had authority, but what kind of authority? On Cross Connection we discover three types of Jesus' authority.

Choose this Day

Cliff! / 944 VIEWS