"Israel in Prophecy" - Episode 19

Disclosure / 10 LIKES

Did the nation of Israel set a countdown clock in motion? You will be amazed by the answer.

Go Healthy... For Good! Healthy Pregnancy

Go Healthy For Good! / 10 LIKES

Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting times in a woman's life. Go Healthy for good will help you learn what you can do before, during, and after pregnancy to give your baby a healthy start to life.

Rahab: A life-changing decision- Episode 10

StoryLine / 10 LIKES

Meet a woman who made a split-second decision that would competely change not only her life, but affect her family for generations to come.

Lesson 13 - Malachi: Lest We Forget! (2nd Qtr 2013)

Hope Sabbath School / 10 LIKES

Lesson 13 - Malachi: Lest We Forget! (2nd Qtr 2013)

Breaking the Cycle of Family Dysfunction

Real Family Talk / 10 LIKES

Do we inherit our behavior from our parents? Can we stop the cycle of dysfunctional behavior or are we destined to become just like our families of origin? Learn about the impact our families have on who we are and who we will become.

A Testimony of Transformation

Real Family Talk / 10 LIKES

Meet Ron and Claudia Woolsey. Ron says he was once a homosexual who overcame his addition to the gay lifestyle. He and his wife, Claudia, have been married for 21 years. Listen to their testimony about the power of God to save and transform lives.

Children of Incarcerated Parents

Real Family Talk / 10 LIKES

Willie and Elaine discuss the dlemma of incarcerated parents and the impact their absence has on families, communities and society, and what one organization is doing to help. Diane Wallace Booker joins the conversation.