Lesson 12: Covenant Faith

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Sunday June 13 - Sabbath June 19

Lesson 13: The New Covenant Life

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Sunday June 20 - Sabbath June 26

Owners of a Hotel Franchise

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How to Spend a Billion

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Peace Be Still: Calming The Storm

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How can we navigate storms in our lives?

Have We Missed the Point About Racism?

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Racism is a complex and devasting force that’s found in societies around the globe. We dig deeper into what drives racism, and how we can recognize it and fight it within our own communities.

The Frankenstein Factor

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Frankenstein, the famous Mary Shelley novel, is compared to Jesus’ resurrection. How can two unlike stories find common ground? Cliff explains that the resurrection of Jesus is not fictional, but a reality that is much easier to accept than Frankenstein’s monster resurrected from the dead.

Lesson 2: Covenant Primer

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Sunday April 4 - Sabbath April 10

All Things Are Possible with God

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As a child, Dexter Thomas was told he was worthless because he was born blind. But God reached him with a message of love and empowerment and he is a new creature in Christ. Although told he would never complete high school, he went on to earn a doctoral degree! He is passionate about reaching others for Christ, including those who are blind, and created a ministry called Phone Faith, now operated by Christian Record Services.