Music & The Mind

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Music is a ubiquitous part of life for everyone on the planet, regardless of income, race or creed. Music bonds, soothes, and nurtures us. But it can do so much more. In fact, there's a whole new science called Music Therapy. Stay tuned!


Go Healthy For Good! / 9746 VIEWS

In many countries around the world, one in three children are either overweight or obese. Overweight teens are becoming less inclined make any effort to lose weight, and parents less likely to address the problem. Learn how one passionate physician is improving the health of her community.

Episode 8: Jesus The King

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The Gospels provide a truly unconventional depiction of their hero as a king. Oleg highlights the shameful and barbaric nature of crucifixion while Sergio explores the impact that a different kind of king can make today.

The Preacher With A One-Track Mind

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Lesson 5 - How To Be Saved (3rd Qtr 2014)

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Lesson 8 - Innocent Blood (4th Qtr 2016)

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Lesson 10 - Paul and the Rebellion (1st Qtr 2016)

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Deciding His Fate

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