Dorcas: A Life Filled with Acts of Kindness- Episode 11

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She quietly lived a life of faith off of the radar until her death thrust her into it.

Coughs and Colds

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The 2012-13 flu season got off to an unusually early start when the flu started spreading rapidly in late November and early December. It is already the worst seasonal flu we have seen in almost a decade! We'll show you very good treatment options.

Competition in Marriage

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Are you and your spouse in an Olympic competition more so than in a marriage? Willie and Elaine Oliver discuss rivalry in marriage and how it plays out in today’s marriages.

Depression Series - 1

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The World Health Organization estimates 350 million people globally suffer from depression. The number is growing. By 2030, it will be the No. 1 global disease burden, surpassing heart disease and cancer. The good news? It can be prevented. Watch.

Depression Series - 4

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Watch the final part of this amazing series and learn how to conquer depression.

The Art of Parenting

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Babies arrive without any instructions! In fact, many times their arrival is unplanned. Yet every child is unique, and precious. Watch as our experts give you ideas, tools and examples on how to master the Art of being a Parent.

The Male Brain & The Female Brain

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Learn from Dr. Arlene Taylor Ph.D., brain-function researcher and educator, why men and women misunderstand each other so often!

Adventist Health Study

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Who lives longer - vegetarians, non-vegetarians, or vegans? Are nuts a superfood or a fatty food? How much longer could the lifespan be extended by optimal health practices? Find out these answers from the Adventist Health Study.