LP: Heather-Dawn Small | Issues Impacting Women Globally

Let's Pray / 13082 VIEWS

Six critical issues impact women globally. What are they? How can we help? Heather-Dawn Small joins us to speak candidly about these issues, and the role of Women's Ministries.

Confessions Of A Married Man

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 13063 VIEWS

Lesson 5 - Violating the Spirit of the Law

Hope Sabbath School / 12972 VIEWS

Sunday October 27 - Sabbath November 2

I Can Do All Things

The Verse / 12958 VIEWS

No matter what you’re going through, God has already given you the strength to take the next step. Watch three storytellers share their perspectives on Philippians 4:13 and how YOU can do all things through Christ.

What Went Wrong With Paul's Plant?

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 12913 VIEWS

The Politics of Paul | Episode 10

Cross Connection / 12910 VIEWS

Paul arrives in Corinth and provides a new way of looking at ministry.

Wake Up with Hope July 07, 2021

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We are sure Wake up With Hope will change your morning because we will have one of the Let's Pray team members to pray for you, health tips for you to live better, an encouraging message with John Bradshaw from It Is Written, and more.

Lesson 2 - Nehemiah

Hope Sabbath School / 12864 VIEWS

Sunday October 6 - Sabbath October 12

The Spirit God Gave Us

The Verse / 12862 VIEWS

Fear can often hold us back from growth in various life areas. Hear a few personal testimonies of how people overcame their struggles with fear.