Episodes / 1st Quarter: Practical Principles for End-Time Living 2020

01 The Secret of Prophetic Understanding

InVerse / 18 VIEWS

Power habits that unleash physical, spiritual, and intellectual ability.

04 Radical Intervention

InVerse / 14 VIEWS

The personal testimony of the most powerful king in his day.

06 Dying for Devotions

InVerse / 13 VIEWS

The dynamics of an effective devotional life.

02 The Key to Prophetic Understanding

InVerse / 12 VIEWS

One prayer changes the course of history.

11 Total Transparency

InVerse / 12 VIEWS

Would you voluntarily subject yourself to an invasive investigation?

03 Radical Faithfulness

InVerse / 11 VIEWS

A challenge to a generation full of malaise and apathy.

07 A Church in Crisis

InVerse / 11 VIEWS

How does God deal with His unfaithful bride?

08 Waiting Time

InVerse / 9 VIEWS

Why is waiting so painful?

09 Predictive Prophecy

InVerse / 7 VIEWS

If God can tell the future, why can't you trust Him?