04 The First Church Leaders

InVerse / 7 VIEWS

What is the purpose of church structure?

01 You Will Be My Witnesses

InVerse / 4 VIEWS

The beginnings of the movement after Christ departed.

02 Pentecost

InVerse / 4 VIEWS

What really happened at Pentecost?

05 The Conversion of Paul

InVerse / 4 VIEWS

The greatest conversion story of the greatest theologian (outside of Jesus Christ).

06 The Ministry of Peter

InVerse / 3 VIEWS

From fisherman to a fisher of men.

13 Journey to Rome

InVerse / 3 VIEWS

How does the book of Acts end? Or does it?

07 Paul’s First Missionary Journey

InVerse / 2 VIEWS

The road trip of all road trips.

08 The Jerusalem Council

InVerse / 1 VIEWS

Delegations from all over the world congregate to resolve a crisis.

11 Arrest in Jerusalem

InVerse / 1 VIEWS

Arrests. Immigration issues. Political strife. Riots.