10 "Two Covenants"

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Are there two ways to be saved?

13 "The Gospel and the Church"

InVerse / 37 LIKES

Get rid of hypocrisy through this method.

12 "Living by the Spirit"

InVerse / 29 LIKES

The greatest battle: Spirit vs the flesh

08 "From Slaves to Heirs"

InVerse / 26 LIKES

It's not about trying harder, but knowing deeper.

09 "Paul's Pastoral Appeal"

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There is one difference between whining and an appeal.

11 "Freedom in Christ"

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Freedom is not license.

03 "Unity of the Gospel"

InVerse / 23 LIKES

How can true unity be distinguished from false unity?

06 "Priority of the Promise"

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What God says, He will and must do.

14 "Boasting in the Cross"

InVerse / 17 LIKES

What does Cross actually change in our lives?