Episodes / 3rd Quarter: The Least of These 2019 + Bible

01 - God Created

InVerse / 5 VIEWS

Where do we get our sense of worth?

03 — Sabbath: A Day of Freedom

InVerse / 4 VIEWS

What does the Sabbath teach us about how to relate with each other?

11 Living the Advent Hope

InVerse / 4 VIEWS

What's the point of life?

07 — Jesus and Those in Need

InVerse / 3 VIEWS

What was Jesus all about?

09 — Ministry in the New Testament

InVerse / 3 VIEWS

How can we become churches that serve their communities?

02 — Blueprint for a Better World

InVerse / 2 VIEWS

Justice and mercy in the Old Testament is seen in how God delivers His laws and what the laws say.

05 — The Cry of the Prophets

InVerse / 2 VIEWS

What is the role of the prophets?

06 — Worship the Creator

InVerse / 2 VIEWS

What is the role of ritual in our Christian experience?

08 — The Least of These

InVerse / 2 VIEWS

What does citizenship in the kingdom of heaven mean for our lives on earth?