Episodes / 4th Quarter: Principles of Education 2020

01 Acquaint Yourself with God

InVerse / 16 VIEWS

What is the point of being educated?

02 Knowing God as Creator

InVerse / 11 VIEWS

Have you discerned what you were made for?

12 The School of Life

InVerse / 7 VIEWS

Allow God to enter those areas of your life you'd compartmentalized God out of.

03 Knowing God as Redeemer

InVerse / 6 VIEWS

What does it mean when you say you're saved?

10 The School of the Sanctuary

InVerse / 6 VIEWS

The wonders of the house of God as our schoolroom.

06 Adventist Education

InVerse / 3 VIEWS

Eschatological education.

07 Education and Character

InVerse / 3 VIEWS

Do you have the ability to control your abilities?

08 Education and Faith

InVerse / 3 VIEWS

Faith leads us to surrender our weakness for God's strength and our ignorance for His wisdom.

09 Education and Sabbath

InVerse / 3 VIEWS

How does taking a break make you smarter?