LP: SaMonna Watts | Trusting When It Doesn't Make Sense

Let's Pray / 769 VIEWS

Is it possible to have the greatest sense of peace when you're going through the greatest trial of your life? SaMonna Watts joins us to share her testimony.

LP: Taurus Montgomery | Set on Fire

Let's Pray / 335 VIEWS

When Taurus Montgomery's house went up in flames, so did his life of crime. Today, a pastor, Taurus has a desire to lead inner city youth to Christ.

LP: Jennifer LaMountain | Trusting God for Life

Let's Pray / 229 VIEWS

Accomplished vocalist, Jennifer LaMountain shares her music and testimony of how God has been with her throughout her life.

LP: Hope, Peace & Joy!

Let's Pray / 186 VIEWS

We have Hope because of the birth of Jesus Christ. We're celebrating this hope and embracing the joy of the season through prayer, praise, and music on this special holiday edition of Let's Pray!


Let's Pray / 140 VIEWS

This entire program is dedicated to viewer praises and stories of victory.

LP: Marco Topete | From Drug Dealer to Disciple

Let's Pray / 138 VIEWS

When Marco Topete's life hit rock bottom, Jesus showed him something much better.

LP: David Marr | God Is In Control

Let's Pray / 138 VIEWS

David Marr shares his testimony of how God intervened for a medical condition he didn't know was there.

LP: Leila Vallado | Autism Awareness

Let's Pray / 124 VIEWS

Leila Vallado joins Let's Pray! to share how she struggled to help her daughter reach her full potential, despite living with autism.

LP: Debbie Howell | One Thing I Ask

Let's Pray / 116 VIEWS

Debbie Howell joined us on this episode to share personal insight into the power of praying God's Promises. She'll also share tips from her book on prayer, "One Thing I Ask."