Obedience of the Disciples - Episode 7

Cross Connection / 1 VIEWS

How is it possible to love your enemies, and how could we possibly put that into practice?

Hearing and Acting - Episode 9

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How do we not just be hearers of God's Word, but doers?

The Free Kingdom - Episode 18

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Oleg, Sergio and company explore the nature of the kingdom that Jesus brings.

Giving Everything - Episode 19 (Season Finale)

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The season finale airs

Kingdom Economics - Episode 21

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What can we learn from Jesus' teaching on wealth and money?

The Kingdom Within - Episode 22

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When will the Kingdom of God come? Jesus gave a very clear answer to this question.

Preventing Risky Behavior

Go Healthy For Good! / 1 VIEWS

The National Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System in the US, monitors 6 types of health-risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death and disability among youth and adults. Find out what can be done to prevent these behaviors.

Closer to Jesus - Episode 25

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Christians say that your life changes when you encounter Jesus. Is that really true?

Resurrection - Episode 31

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In what ways does Jesus reveal himself to us today?