Forgiveness in Relationships

Real Family Talk / 4210 VIEWS

Why is it so hard to forgive? Why is it even that important? Join Willie and Elaine as they discuss with Pr. Mike Speegle on the how, why and where of forgiveness and how matters in our relationships.

Strange Fire

Let's Pray / 4210 VIEWS

Is it strange to think that pain has a purpose? We will talk about this during our program tonight. Join us with your prayer requests and praise reports, we are here for you.

Back Pain - The Alternatives

Go Healthy For Good! / 4196 VIEWS

It’s one of the most common reasons people either see a doctor or miss work, and it’s also a leading cause of disability. Learn more about simple treatments that you can do to prevent or relief back pain.

Following Mr. Charisma

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 4167 VIEWS

Looking At Heaven With Dirty Glasses

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 4103 VIEWS

Episode 6: Jesus The Good Shepherd

Revolutionary / 4089 VIEWS

In Jesus’ world, the term shepherd meant leader. Oleg examines Jesus’ radical claim of being The Good Shepherd while Sergio explores a world in desperate need of more good shepherds.

Bridges To Babylon

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 4075 VIEWS

Who Can Stop Leo Now?

Hope Talks with Lonnie Melashenko / 4020 VIEWS

Holding Heart Healthy Habits

Go Healthy For Good! / 3992 VIEWS

Cardiovascular disease is the top killer in this country, snatching life from people as young as 20. Take action now to reverse this condition.